Annual Report 2021




During 2021 we received 25 applications for grants in total from International students in the Higher Education Institutions within the Diocese of Liverpool. The majority of applicants are suffering in various ways from the effects of the pandemic. Most have lost their part time jobs or are unable to find work. Many have had their courses extended and as a consequence have run out of money for living costs.

We received the following number of applications from:

Liverpool Hope University 3 Liverpool University 3 Liverpool John Moores University 9 Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine 10

Countries of Applicants

Nigeria 5 Kenya 2 Bangladesh 2 China 2 Iraq 1 Myanmar 1 India 2 Syria 1 Pakistan 1 Somalia 1 Philippines 1 Iran 3 Egypt 1

Peru/Italy 2

Grants Allocated

Twenty three grants were made in 2021 totalling £19,000. Two grants were not made because they did not fulfil WF Applications Criteria.

The Applications Committee

The Committee work closely together to scrutinise all the applications. We are grateful to the University Chaplains, International Officers and tutors for all their work and support.